Why Modest Modern Mama?

When I first set out to create Modest Modern Mama, I was met with many questions. Was this a maternity boutique? Would I carry clothing for the everyday misses? Could my customers still expect cute clothing even if it was modest? The answer to all of these is yes-a resounding yes.
I met my early twenties with marriage, the workforce, and the birth of our first child. As a young woman, I now represented so much more than myself. I was a symbol of respect for my spouse, my employer, and my family, in addition to myself. I quickly realized that I could no longer meet my needs for comfort and class while shopping in the juniors section. However, when I searched the woman's department, I found that I was not yet ready for the more mature fits and styles that were offered. I, like many women, was stuck somewhere in fashion limbo, where cropped tops and shoulder pads wouldn't suffice.
It is because of this experience that I dreamt Modest Modern Mama into life. Modest Modern Mama is not only for mamas, but rather inspired one. We carry clothing and accessories that have a classic feel, with mixes of bohemian femininity and soft tones. Our lengths and fits are appropriate for both misses and mamas- whether you're chasing the kiddos or the next big break. Most styles even double as maternity!
It is our mission to unite this generation in fabulous style and timeless grace. In an age where women are greatly celebrated, MMM hopes to bring inclusive style to this forgotten season of life. 
Great thanks & many blessings,
Alexandra, Modest Modern Mama