Why She and I?

She and I was born from heritage. As I reflect on my heritage, it is clear how my mother’s life path, and her mother’s have effected me, and consequently my children and grandchildren. My grandmother taught my mother to sew at a very young age. She perfected her skill as a seamstress, and during Work War II, surviving financially by altering uniforms for soldiers. As a child I spent many evenings in her sewing room discussing life, doing homework, and creating clothing. During these times, she nurtured my love for God, and passion for fashion.  My story goes beyond the inheritance I received from the generation I followed, to the generation that follows me. My beautiful daughter-in-law opened this boutique. As their family grows, she has chosen to set my son, and their children as her priority. Consequently, she has given me the ability to fulfill a heritage that began long ago. It is my hope that this boutique would continue to inspire a generational connection which embraces the heritage, of love, kindness, and strong character instilled by my mother. She inspired me, now I must inspire generations which follow.

Great Thanks & Many Blessings,


She & I Boutique